Project grants (until 2019)

Project grants in favour of equipment for cancer research (until 2019)

Since its foundation, the Nijbakker-Morra Foundation has granted project subsidies for cancer research equipment. Currently, equipment and infrastructure are much more funded from the institutions themselves than in the past. Therefore, it has been decided to stop with equipment subsidy as of 2019. The foundation usually granted one to two applications per year. Applications that meet the selection criteria in terms of type of equipment and type of oncology examination, and an amount between EUR 5,000.- and EUR 20,000.- applications, had (the best) chance of being granted.

Type of equipment

  • Small laboratory equipment that supports an ongoing research, which in itself may have been funded from other sources.
  • Medical equipment with which patients can be treated.

Type of oncological research projects

  • Scientific oncological research, from fundamental to clinical. The Foundation mainly supports research into improving the chances of healing (with everything that goes with it), and reducing complications and side effects in the long term. Given our limited resources, the Foundation cannot give priority to, for example, Quality Of Life or other socio-oncological research;
  • Independent and time-limited projects;
  • Subproject of follow-up project to larger research, provided that it has a recognizable own line of questioning;
  • Pilot project at the service of future larger applications at KWF, NWO, ERC or other funds.

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