Support us

If the goals and approach of the Nijbakker-Morra Foundation appeal to you and you would like to show your support through a donation or other (financial) contribution, you can contact the board. The foundation pursues a conservative financial policy in the spirit of Mrs Nijbakker-Morra. In order to be able to effectively support cancer research in the coming years, the board strives to increase the assets under management. The cost of cancer research equipment is increasing and the need for project grants remains. The subsidies provided by the Foundation still appear to have catalytic effect for carrying out groundbreaking and innovative cancer research in the Netherlands. In addition, since 2016/17, students have had to pay for their studies themselves, whereby a foreign internship entails additional costs in addition to the experience. We notice that by providing the internship grants and stipends, Dutch students and researchers are able to carry out research at foreign universities, with which both knowledge exchange and inspiration for a research career are created. Donors can financially support the Nijbakker-Morra Foundation in the following three ways:

  • One-time donation
  • Gift in instalments (annuities)
  • Acquisition from inheritance

For questions about donations, please contact the chairman or the secretary. We thank you in advance for your interest in our Foundation.

One-time donation

You can transfer an amount as a one-off donation to the Nijbakker-Morra Foundation. One-off donations by private persons are tax-deductible from the impure income, if the donation, together with donations to other idealistic institutions, amounts to more than 1% of the collective income before the personal deduction, with a minimum of 60 euros and up to maximum of 10% of that income.

Gift in instalments (annuities)

Unlimited income tax deductions are donations in annual instalments provided that they are recorded in a notarial deed and/or written agreement with the Nijbakker-Morra Foundation and that at least five annual instalments are promised.

Acquisition from inheritance

When notarizing your will, you can grant the Nijbakker-Morra Foundation a bequest or (in part) appoint it as heir. In a bequest you can declare an amount that you have intended to the Foundation. In the event of an heirship, the Foundation receives a proportionate share of your estate. A notary can advise you on how best to record your wishes. Public benefit foundations do not have to pay inheritance tax on donations. The Nijbakker-Morra Foundation meets the criteria for this. The Nijbakker-Morra foundation is not eligible for the qulaity mark or a Declaration of no objection (for the smaller/starting organizations) of the Central Bureau of Fundraising. The Nijbakker-Morra Foundation does not want to meet the following criteria, given its working method and keeping administrative costs low:

  • Paragraph 1.f. The members of the Board of Directors resign periodically. Appointments and any reappointments are made for a maximum period of 5 years.
  • Paragraph 5.b. Auditor’s report accompanying the annual accounts.

The Board of Directors is happy to answer your questions in this area and will be happy to discuss with you the various possibilities to support the Nijbakker-Morra Foundation.