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Traveling grant for the execution of oncological research at a foreign university or research institute.

The Nijbakker-Morra Foundation awards internship grants to promising Master’s students to reimburse travel and accomodation costs at a foreign university or research institute for the execution of oncological research there. Preferably, it serves to stay at least a few months at a renowned cancer institute, to answer a clearly framed (sub)research question. Master’s students with some research experience in Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and studying at a Dutch university or research institute can submit.


Amount: A maximum of 2.100,- euros (within Europe) or 3.600,- (outside Europe) per submission. Quota: approx. 10 applications per academic year. Closing dates: Per academic year there are 2 rounds. For the 1st round, the application must be received before 1 October 17.00 and for the 2nd round before 1 April 17.00. Precondition: Start of trip after closing date and no later than within 1 year departure. Conclusion: Within 2 months after closing date. Compensation: 350 euros per month in Europe and 600 euros per month outside Europe, minimum 2 and maximum 6 months. Compensation in advance. Afterwards, a short report (A4) with a summary of the research, supplemented with some personal experiences, should be submitted, preferably published on the website for inspiration for others.


Submission based on the instruction included in the application form. As stated in the application form, the application must also be accompanied by letters (certificate) from the host institue in which it clearly indicates that it is willing to host, and by a letter of recommendation from your Dutch university, research institute or department. You must also include your CV with the application.

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