Clarification PBO (ANBI)

The Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO, or ANBI in Dutch). An institution can only be a PBO if it is at least 90% committed to the public good.

As PBO we are obliged to publish the following information on our website:

  • The name of our institute: Nijbakker Morra Foundation (KvK 41192182);
  • The RSIN (Rechtspersonen en Samenwerkingsverbanden Informatie Nummer)/fiscal number: RSIN 008608003;
  • The contact details of the institute: see the contact page;
  • A clear description of the aim of the PBO: see the homepage and background page;
  • The outlines of the policy plan;
  • The names and positions of the board members: see the Board of Directors page;
  • The remuneration policy: the board is unpaid;
  • An up-to-date report of the activities carreid out: see the individual pages of the goals we support;
  • A financial justification: given that the Foundation is an asset fund – we do not actively solicit money or goods. In addition, we spend the capital or the proceeds of that capital almost exclusively on the objective – we only need to publish the statement of income and expenses, see here.

Read the explanation on the website of the Dutch tax authorities here.